Argan oil is known as ‘liquid gold’ that is well-known for its head-to-toe care!

The Moroccan miracle oil has been
receiving the recognition it deserves. How can it not? The oil brings you
numerous benefits that keep you healthy from top to toe. Literally.

But if you are still unsure or in doubt, keep scrolling to find the top 7 argan oil benefits!

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is plant oil derived from the kernels of the Argan tree, that is native to Morocco. In Morocco, argan oil is usually served to dip bread in at breakfast or to drizzle on couscous or pasta. Now, it is globally used for a variety of culinary, cosmetic, and medicinal purposes.

The fruit of the argan tree is small and round, oval or conical with a thick peel covering the fleshy pulp. The pulp is then surrounded by a hard-shelled nut that represents about a quarter of the weight of the fresh fruit.

Argan nut contains oil-rich argan
kernels which are packed with various
phenolic compounds and fatty acids. The majority of the fat content of argan oil comes from oleic and linoleic acid, the latter also known as omega-6, which makes it a good source of essential nutrients. The oleic acid found in argan oil can also be found in olive oil that is known to have a positive impact on heart health.

Moreover, argan oil is rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that is essential for healthy skin, hair, and eyes, by protecting them from damages caused by free radicals. Added with anti-inflammatory properties, argan oil can be applied directly to injured or infected skin to reduce inflammation.

Top 7 Argan Oil Benefits

  1. Anti-ageing

With its rich antioxidant and astringent properties, argan oil acts fast in repairing skin damages and regenerate new skin cells to give a healthier and smoother look on your face. It also restores the elasticity of your skin!

The antioxidant properties are also responsible for protecting your skin from damages caused by free radicals and the sun. The best time to use argan oil as an anti-ageing serum is by applying it during the night before bed every day.

2. Treat dry skin problems

Not only does it contains anti-inflammatory properties, it also has antibacterial properties which make it perfect to be applied on damaged skin. On top of moisturising your skin, it also helps to speed up damaged skin recovery.

People with dry skin often face problems like eczema or flaky and itchy skin. The vitamin E and fatty acids content in argan oil are excellent remedies to repair damaged skin and provides it with nutrients that will prevent dryness and irritation again.

With its soothing anti-inflammatory properties, argan oil can also soothe itchiness and inflammation, oftentimes caused by dry skin.

3. Treat acne skin

Not only does argan oil hydrate dry skin, but it can also be used to treat acne-prone skin! Argan oil is a non-greasy oil, therefore it helps to balance skin by providing natural moisture.

With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, argan oil will help heal damaged skin cells and reduce inflammation commonly caused by acne

4. Lip Moisturiser

Chapped and dry lips are common to everyone. To the men, dry lips make them appear untidy and unhygienic, while to the ladies, not only do they appear untidy and
unhygienic, it is also unpleasant to look at when applying lipstick on top of it!

To boot, wearing commercial lip balms seem to only make your dry lips worse!
Well, it is about time you consider switching from lip balm to argan oil instead. Just put a drop or two on your lips, rub gently to spread it, and use a tissue to absorb any excess oil. Within just a few minutes, you will be able to see your lips are now smooth and supple!

5. Postnatal Marks

Although stretch marks are considered beauty marks, not all of us like seeing them on our skin. Not to mention the traces of sagging skin. Especially to the mommies
out there, we still wish we have our flawless skin back!

Fret not for you can use argan oil to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and restore the elasticity of your skin. Remember the vitamin E, an antioxidant, found in argan oil?

The vitamin is also capable of restoring skin health and elasticity and improve the blood flow in skin cells that will reduce the appearance of
stretch marks!

6. Hair Care

Apart from being used in food, argan oil in Moroccan culture is also used as a hair
care product. With its balancing and moisturising effects, argan oil can be used as a conditioner to treat the flaky scalp, and tame dry and frizzy hair.

Not only that, argan oil can also be used as a tonic to promote hair growth and
give your hair a smooth, silky, and shiny look! Simply rub a few drops of argan
oil into your palms and comb your fingers down your hair after blow-drying it.

7. Mani-Pedi Care

Keratin and nails are made of the same compound called keratin. Hence, whatever is good for your hair is good for your nails too! The same goes with argan oil. Applying a drop on your cuticles, hands, and feet before bed will improve its health and moisture. Who wouldn’t want smooth hands and feet like a baby,

All these benefits in one single bottle!

So, have you considered
adding Argan oil into your collection of beauty products yet? You should now!

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