Sluvi’s Story
The brand idea behind Sluvi is the founder, Sulie Abell. She sufferred from chronic eczema a few years back and struggled to find a single product that she could use safely on her highly sensitive skin. It was her kind doctor who suggested to her to try other alternative by using natural ingredients to control her eczema problem.

Sulie started doing research and created her homemade natural skincare, and it worked on her! She then realised that all the natural ingredients that she is using are easily available from her own backyard in her village at Melugu, Simanggang, an interior district in Sarawak.

As she continued sourcing for natural ingredients around her village, she came across Nancy, a bee farmer, who began showing Sulie her bee farm. Through her conversation with Nancy, Sulie was surprised to find that half of the 3,000 Melugu’s farmers earned less than RM200 per month. It then striked Sulie to do something more to help the fellow farmers.

From that encounter, it inspired Sulie to start Sluvi in 2018, a social enterprise to empower local farmers by sourcing for natural ingredients from them, and creating a Borneo natural skincare products that are safe for everyone.

Sulie roped in her cousin, Melchizedek, into Sluvi’s team. Just like Sulie, Melchizedek have very sensitive skin and is an avid natural skincare lover. Both of them have been working together since Day 1.

Sluvi name came about from the initial of Sulie (SLU), with V stands for ‘Vision’, and I stands for ‘Initiative’, reflecting on their social enteprise endeavour. Through Sluvi, they have experienced first hand with proof that synthetic chemical based products are harmful to human, wildlife, and the environment in the long run. They wish to solve these problems by educating the people on the importance of using natural prodcuts through Borneo’s natural resources and creating a positive impact on local farmers with sustainable income.

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