Sabun Origin’s Story

Sabun Origin is founded by Shin, or better known as the mother of Sabun Origin, as mentioned by her!

She is currently working in a renovation company as an operation executive that allows her to help people build their dream house. Her biggest passion is in making, learning and sharing natural skincare products.

There is a Chinese proverb, “A long illness makes the patient into a doctor”. That pretty much sum up her inspiration to create Sabun Origin. Her skin has always been dry and sensitive. Eczema and hives have been such a headache for Shin whenever her immune system is weak. When she encounters stress or dusty environment, her immune system tends to overreact by triggering eczema and hives.

Shin is well aware of her own body reaction and with that as an advantage, she always listen to it and find a way to take care of her body. That is the reason she started looking into the ingredients of skincare products and stress management. Researching through books and Google Master, Shin learned that most skincare products might contain tons of chemicals (preservatives, fragrance, texture enhancer and etc), which leads to the risk of triggering allergic reaction. Shin started her clean skincare journey by attending natural soapmaking and skincare workshop.

One morning, she was cleaning her breakfast plates by using commercial dishwasher detergent. She was suffering from skin allergy at that time, the joints of her hands were itchy and swelling, and she suspected that the commercial dishwsher detergent worsened her already fragile skin barrier.

Just like that, she had a lightbulb moment. Walking to the rack, getting the tools that she used for soap making before, she saw some leftover saponified soap sticking to the tools. She then rubbed the leftover soaps on the tools with water. It took her around 15 mins to clean up everything as there was quite a bit of leftover soaps sticking to the tools. She found that her hands weren’t as allergic to the soap that she had made using plant oils.

That was a proud moment for her as a maker of skincare products, knowing that is beneficial for everyone. She feels that everyone should trust how their body is responding to products, and becoming the one who takes over their decision.

What is the meaning behind Sabun Origin? Sabun (Soap) inspired Shin to create the brand. Sabun is also known as soap in the Malay language, and that makes her feel proud to be a Malaysian skincare brand. Origin refers to essence of the skincare, which is the essential and beneficial natural ingredients that work best for the skin. Shin is dedicated to create aminimal and all-natural skincare lifestyle through Sabun Origin.

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