Rad Alchemist

Rad Alchemist’s Story

Rad Alchemist is founded by Jezicca Yee, hailing from Penang. She is inspired to handmade a line of botanically-inspired lifestyle products ranging from body scrubs to candles. She formulates the products by herself, sourcing materials and supplies that are safer for human consumption and the environment.

Rad Alchemist came about when she made the discovery that she could transform everyday ingredients into mixtures that helped her skin stay hydrated and healthy.

She didn’t have the experience or money to start a business in the beginning, and so spent her first few years in the corporate world. She also became a part-time personal trainer too after that.

With some savings and experience, she’s able to work on growing her business.

Jezicca has fought strong battles in her life before this. She was diagnosed with Stage Two cancer at the tender age of 21 years old. Back then, she had just graduated and was floored by the diagnosis. At one point, she was searching for a ray of hope. One day, she visited a book store and got herself a book, ‘How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be’ by Jack Canfield.

It helped her realized that despite the adversities we face, there’s still a lot more to experience in life, and more importantly, that we are completely in control of our destinies. With a positive outlook, anything is possible. Learning that gave her the motivation she needed to fight the disease, to change her entire mindset and to give life a second go. She’s happy to say she has been cancer-free for years now! And that spark her love for reading self-help books.

What inspires her to come up with her products?

Jezicca likes to mix and match the different components when experimenting on a product. Scents are important to her and she makes sure the blends are infused with relaxing and mood-boosting elements. She then tests each product out herself. She has super sensitive skin, so if the products are okay for her, they’re good to go! She also gives samples out to her friends and took feedbacks from them by making tweaks to the ingredients, if necessary.

Her creativity is based on practicality. She loves looking for ways to create products that have multiple uses. Since she’s into minimalism, she finds it really beneficial when a product has more than one use. She likes to create an experience of ease for customers too. For example, Rad Alchemists scrubs are 3-in-1; with each use, they exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize.

What’s the meaning behind Rad Alchemist?

The plus sign ‘+’ is inspired by the sign of the Red Cross. Though Rad Alchemist is not a pharmaceutical company, they believe that a balanced lifestyle – physically, psychologically and with nature – is key to good health. Their priority is to create products that allow you to achieve this balance with botanically-inspired soothing and healing blends, hence our choice of highlighting the plus sign in their visual identity.

What is the message she wishes to convey through the brand?

Rad Alchemist produces a range of lifestyle and skincare products with only safe, plant-based ingredients and most importantly cruelty-free. Each product is inspired by nature, a concoction made with meticulous care and attention to detail, delivering a nourishing and healing experience.

The ways we take care of our planet echo how we take care of ourselves. Rad Alchemist believes that we are our healthiest when we live in harmony with the natural world.

Every element is researched, sampled, and sourced for its herbal benefits. Imbued with aromatherapeutic qualities and often multipurpose, Rad Alchemist’s products are safe to use on sensitive skins and formulated to be good for the body, mind, and soul. To reduce wastage and maintain the quality of our products, we have adopted a minimalist approach to our process where each batch is handmade in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility and packaged in reusable or recyclable materials.

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