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Diana’s Journey
I am always interested in beauty, health, and fitness. I find myself naturally inclined to love something healthier, even when the beginning is hard to swallow (read: bitter gourd).

My clean beauty journey is largely inspired by my beloved late father. He was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2009. Since then, our whole family made the new change together – to eat cleaner and have a healthier lifestyle by exercising better, as our support to father. It was a four years long battle. Countless of surgeries, chemotherapy after chemotherapy, and radiotherapy sessions, the cancer was too aggressive and spread to other parts of the body. My father passed away in April 2013.

Miracolo came about in November 2013 when I was first introduced to essential oils products with my then boyfriend (now my husband). My knowledge back then about essential oils were non-existence. I have a misconception about them, thinking they were merely fragrance with chemicals that will cause me headache!

As fate would have it, I began to fall in love with essential oils and the wonderful natural benefit they can bring about – for my wellness and also my clean beauty journey. Both of us worked on Miracolo by having pop-ups every weekend.

Not long after that, I came across artisanal beauty brands that use natural ingredients in their products. They were made without harmful, toxic ingredients.

That got me thinking that healthy living shouldn’t be confined only to eating cleaner and regular exercising. It should also be extended to clean beauty products, those that are made without harsh, toxic, synthetic ingredients that could potentially be an endocrine disruptor (chemical agents that could cause hormonal disorder), skin allergen, or even carcinogen (cancer causing agents). Every single day, I apply all these beauty products on myself, with my skin absorbing largely what they are made of. I began to pay attention to what I’m using and choose those that are clean and safe to be used. That got me thinking as well; what if my father knew too. Could that be the reason why he had it in the first place?

I always have sensitive and problematic skin since I was young, but it wasn’t until 2018 that my skin suffered the worst. Click here to find out what happened.

I suffered a yearlong of inflamed, itchy, red, and angry rashes on my face. This prompted me to learn to know the ingredients in my beauty products labels to avoid the same agony happening again, to know what is clean and safe for my skin, most of the time opting for natural ingredients.

I love sharing my wellness and clean beauty journey. The journey wasn’t an easy one as it involved a lot of trial and error to know what is the best that suit myself. And yes, we do try out the products first before carrying it in our platform. Sometimes, my team and I have to pay the price when the products don’t work out of us!

My husband is no longer with Miracolo (but staying on as a true Miracolo supporter) and I’ve since partnered up with Bernice to grow Miracolo together. Bernice and I love supporting local artisanal beauty brands. It reminded myself how hard it was in the beginning when Miracolo first started. There was a lot of rejections toward locally made brands and products. The obstacles were challenging and the support were minimal to get our products out there. The ecosystem wasn’t encouraging back then. I am happy that now the people are more open and supportive of locally handmade beauty products. How things have changed.

From buying essential oils to artisanal skin care or body care products made in Malaysia, we hope through Miracolo we can empower each other by supporting local small businesses and sharing the amazing Malaysian made artisanal beauty products while at the same time exploring the wonderful miracle of what nature has to offer to us.


Bernice’s Accidental Journey
One fine day in 2014, I happened to be strolling through the mall with my mum. From far, I spotted an eye-catching pop-up booth and had the urge to check it out with my mum.

It was something that I have never seen before. The pop-up booth was selling essential oils, natural beauty oils, and clean beauty products. Both my mum and I were intrigued and we bought ourselves some essential oils and clean beauty products to try.

I was hooked! I love the essential oils as it helped me with my wellbeing. The clean beauty products were amazing and interesting as they are made with natural ingredients. That pop-up booth was Miracolo and Diana was the one sharing with us the benefits of each items.

Two years later, I got myself a part-time job in Miracolo itself. I loved it as I immersed myself with all the essential oils and the clean beauty products there. It was like a wonderland! Aside from learning, getting to try different products was the best!
As the stars would have aligned, I met Diana again after a few years. By then, I was in accounting and finance industry. She shared with me a proposition that was hard to resist; to work on growing Miracolo together! And here we are, building on Miracolo as a team.

Before this, my wellness wasn’t at its best. I am happy that I get to enhance my wellbeing through the use of essential oils. I somehow found the answer to my persistent and unexplained headache all these years! I realised that I am exceptionally prone to headache if I used toxic, harsh ingredients in my beauty products. Click here to read more about my story.

Due to this too, Diana and I wanted to create the awareness on how to learn the ingredients in beauty products, to understand what is clean and safe for everyone to use. It is still in the works and we hope we would be able to share a good list of ingredients that everyone can refer to, checking on the safety ratings for each ingredient, and empowering everyone to make an informed decision on what they should use for themselves.

Our Promises to You

All of us are a consumer, at some point in our lives. As a consumer ourselves, we always seek for the best in quality. With that in mind, these promises are our values ingrained as the standard that we seek.

Have a peace of mind buying quality essential oils and clean, safe beauty online in Malaysia with us.

Our Story
Our Story


We emphasis on safe, natural and plant-derived ingredients in beauty brands. While it is impossible to eliminate all toxic and harmful synthetic chemical ingredients, you can do your part to reduce the use of such ingredients in beauty products.  We will do our due-diligence to screen and verify each beauty ingredients before carrying them in our store.

Clean and Transparent

‘Natural’, ‘organic’, and ‘green’ have become a marketing hype used in ‘greenwashing’ beauty products. As a consumer ourselves, we seek to work with beauty brands that are transparent on what they use in curating their beauty products. We don’t need a long list of toxic synthetic ingredients for our body and skin. If clean eating is healthy living, clean beauty should also be a healthy choice too. We will make sure all ingredients are clearly listed in the beauty brands that we carry.

Tried and Tested

We bring carefully selected clean beauty and personal care brands, tried and tested by our team. We love to find out how clean beauty brands work differently for different skin types.

Homegrown Artisanal Beauty Brands

There are more Malaysia homegrown, independent, and passionate artisanal beauty brands who handmade their beauty products using  natural, organic or wild crafted botanical ingredients in Malaysia. These artisanal beauty brands curate safe, clean, and effective beauty products to tackle skin problems, sensitivities and allergies. We love to work and grow with artisanal beauty brands who share the same value with us.

Know Your Ingredients

Be empowered to know what you use and apply daily on your skin. Learn and understand which toxic synthetic chemical ingredients to avoid in beauty products that might trigger your skin problems or skin allergies, a hormone disruptor, cancer causing or toxic to immune system. Choose to make informed decision to reduce toxic synthetic ingredients that could negatively impact your body and health.

Our Founders

Our Story

Diana Su

Advocate of clean beauty and healthy living. Loves fitness, music, travel and glowing skin. Strong believer in doing her best to make things happen.
Our Story

Bernice Kho

Enthusiast of essential oils and clean beauty. Book hoarder and a somewhat coffee lover. Always in her positive, happy vibe, and can-do attitude.

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