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Organically Moi, Rehydrating Protein Pack Set


  • Can be used as cleansing powder, face mask, and face scrub
  • Exfoliates dead skin and takes off whiteheads
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Helps to lighten dark spots and pigmentation
  • This serum is rich in Vitamin A, E, fatty acids and anti-oxidants
  • Restores healthy glowing skin
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Organically Moi, Re-hydrating Protein Pack Lavender Oatmeal

This Re-hydrating Protein Pack with Lavender Oatmeal can be used as a cleansing powder, face mask, or face scrub!

This protein pack contains a combination of organic oat, lentil powder, lavender essential oil, and lavender flowers. The combination of these ingredients made it perfect for those who have sensitive and easily irritated skin.

Oatmeal is known to be a natural skin moisture preservative and it possesses antifungal, antioxidant, Vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties to keep the skin moisturised and protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Lentil is meant to help with skin brightening. Lavender essential oil added into the protein pack will be able to help reduce skin inflammation while keeping you calm and relaxed when you use it.

It gently cleanses face of dead skin and whiteheads without stripping your skin of natural oils, keeping skin healthy and balanced.


Organic Oatmeal, Organic Lentils, Lavender flower, certified pure therapeutic grade of Lavender essential oil

Organically Moi's Matcha Black Rice Re-hydrating Protein Pack

Black Rice, also known as the 'forbidden rice', is known for its abundance of health benefits since Ancient China. Black Rice has rich content of antioxidant that protects the skin from damages caused by free radicals as well as acting as a shield from harmful UV rays. The anti-inflammatory properties exist in Black Rice can also help to reduce skin redness and inflammation as well as treating acne-prone skin.

Organically Moi's Matcha Black Rice Re-hydrating Protein Pack also contains matcha powder is a perfect remedy to treat oily skin shrink pores and slows down the production of oil on your skin.

With these two ingredients combined, Matcha Black Rice Re-hydrating Protein Pack will be able to help keep your skin moisturised, reduce inflammation and prevents the premature aging of your skin.


Oatmeal, black rice, matcha, tea tree essential oil

How to Use

As Cleansing Powder:

1. Pour half a capful of protein pack into your palm.

2.  Add a few drops of water to the cleansing powder in your palm.

3. Rub your hands together so that the cleansing powder will turn into thick paste.

4. If the paste is too thick, add in more water until it reaches the consistency desired.

5. Gently massage the paste in circular, upward motion on your skin.

6. Rinse off with cool or warm water.

7. Pat skin dry with towel.


As Face Mask or Face Scrub:

1. Pour a capful into clean bowl.

2. Add either water, mylk or honey.

3. Mix into paste and smooth onto face.

4. Leave in about 10-15 mins and wait for mixture to dry.

5. Wash off with water and scrub in a gentle circular motion.

6. Pat skin dry with clean towel.

Conduct a patch test before use.

Organically Moi’s Face Serum

Organically Moi’s Face Serum is rich in Vitamin A, E, fatty acids and antioxidants that are helpful and important to maintain the skin healthy level.

It helps to protect the skin against damages caused by the sun and hydrates your skin from within. With the added vitamins, Lavender and Geranium essential oils, this face serum can balance the sebum production and restores the skin’s elasticity, giving you a radiant and glowing healthy skin.

Feel instantly calm and rested with its soothing scent. This serum lightens appearance of pigmentation and dark circles as well. Tea tree prevents acne and pimple from popping out.

Enjoy soft supple skin at your fingertips.

Recommended to use together with our Re-Hydrating Protein Face Pack.


Sweet Almond Oil, certified pure therapeutic grade of Lavender and Geranium, Tea Tree, Vitamin A and E

Content Weight:
Organically Moi Re-hydrating Protein Pack with Lavender Oatmeal 60g + Serum 30ml
Organically Moi's Matcha Black Rice Re-hydrating Protein Pack 60g + Serum 30ml

Additional information

Weight 150 g

Lavender, Matcha


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