Growing up, I have always suffered from headaches, dizziness and lack of energy. It had really affected my daily life and personal well-being, I mean, who would always want to be sick and feel weak, right? I can’t go through my day well, I can’t concentrate on my studies or any work at hand. The headaches made me felt weak and all I wanted to do was to be at home, lying down. It affected me pretty badly as I can’t have a good quality of life.

I knew I had to find solutions to it and I was determined to practise a healthier lifestyle. #adulting

I started exercising more frequently. I was cautious of my diet and watched what I was eating by cutting down on sugary food. The result was really encouraging and it went super well the a few months. I didn’t get random headaches and I had better energy throughout the day. I was feeling ecstatic! This might just be it!

But, one fine day, my random headaches started back again! Why? I was very proud of myself practising healthy lifestyle and eating well. What could go wrong again this time?

I noticed I woke up with dizziness accompanied by headaches. I kept thinking about it, trying to pin point the possible causes. I was still trying to figure out the causes of my headaches in the shower room and as I was about to reach for my hair shampoo and, there it was! It was a light bulb moment for me! I think I knew why I have this sudden dizziness and headaches back.

I changed my hair shampoo.

Yup! I have just changed my hair shampoo! It was bizarre moment with a mixture of feelings. Before this, I have been using a truly all-natural hair shampoo and conditioner with clean and safe natural ingredient with no toxic chemicals for the past few months. Those were the months that I felt really good with no dizziness and headaches! I felt so great,  my energy level was high and I was on top of the game! And when my natural hair shampoo ran out, I didn’t get another one. Out of convenience, I wanted to finish using a commercial ‘natural’ shampoo that I had at home instead, thinking that it was fine, because you know, it was stated as a ‘NATURAL’ shampoo.

That light bulb moment triggered me to check out the ingredients in the commercial hair shampoo that I was using. I had to be sure before putting a blame on it for causing my dizziness and headaches. And after some ‘research’, I found out that it contained so many chemicals that would cause headaches. *GASPS!*

Cocamidopropyl betaine, SLS, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride; the list goes on and on! I had trouble pronouncing those long, nasty, toxic ingredients and I don’t even know what are those. Horror, horror, horror!

I can’t believe it. What seemed to be a seemingly harmless, ‘natural’ hair shampoo had been causing me so much agony! No wonder I suffered from frequent dizziness and headaches! It was really unpleasant because the headaches and dizziness robbed me going through my day smoothly and productively. It all seemed to make sense now. It could be the main reason for my dizziness and headaches since I was young.

I BLAME you! *looks angrily at the ‘natural’ hair shampoo*. And I chucked away those commercial hair shampoos into the bin.

Ugh! Reading and knowing what those toxic ingredients were doing to me all this while makes me upset! It shouldn’t even be in consumer products! And it is not right to put the word ‘natural’ on the labels, when in fact, there was nothing natural about it. It was so misleading and it impacted me more because I was at the end, suffering from the side effects of what the toxic ingredients were doing to me.

*Inhale. Exhale*

You’re right if you’re thinking that it was careless and silly of me not to think that my commercial ‘natural’ hair shampoo was the culprit all along.

I wasn’t aware of the dangers of using hair shampoo loaded with a long list of harmful, toxic ingredients. I wasn’t aware back then to pick something that would be clean and safe to be use for my own body. I wasn’t aware to take that extra step to learn about the ingredients on the beauty and personal care products that I have been using.

I am still in disbelieve at my own ignorance of not turning back the bottle to read the ingredients. It was for that silly mistake that, I pledge to myself to ALWAYS read the ingredient list beforehand.

Maybe others were much luckier than me and not suffering from the usage of such commercial hair shampoo. Probably I was the unfortunate ones to have skin so absorbent that it did more harm to me when I used personal care products with toxic ingredients present.

I definitely learned a big lesson from this. I vowed to be an informed consumer and will do my due diligence checking out the ingredients labels. I want to embark on a clean beauty journey knowing what I put on my skin every single day as this is part of my healthier lifestyle. I am now at a happy state where dizziness and headaches were the things of the past since I have switched back to using clean and safe personal care products.

If you suffer from constant dizziness and headaches, check your hair shampoos too or any of your other personal care products because it might be the cause of it. Be wary of coming across beauty and personal products that say ‘natural’ or ‘organic’. Just turn back the bottle and read the ingredients. If something doesn’t seem right, go with your gut feeling, and don’t use it until you know more of what you are dealing with.

Be smart and be like Bern.

Love, Bern.

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