Moonchild Borneo’s Story

For Natasha Juan, she is a woman with many interests. She was synonymous to Hitz.fm, as a radio DJ, for 8 years at Malaysia’s No.1 English Radio Station. She is also a digital creator, host,  singer, writer, diver, and voice actor. And recently, added to her impressive resume, she starts dabbling in entrepreneurship.

Natasha used to have a handful of health issues. Due to her nature of work, she had problem with her posture due to sitting down for long hours and the work stress didn’t help either. She experienced constant shoulder pain, migraine, and backpain. On top of that, she has ankle pain due to an old injury, which makes running painful. Natasha constantly experienced anxiety and panic attacks. All these messed up with her sleep. She is not a fan of painkillers and have been avoiding taking it since high school.

 With that in mind, she decided to do some research and finally came up with her product, Tenang (Pain Relief Spray). She mainly made it for herself, used it for almost a year to be sure, and finally decided making it to share with others. As a matter of fact, sleep is the main inspiration for coming up with her product. The lack of it messes with productivity, mind, body, and soul. She always dreaded buying products that never work regardless of the hype. That inspires her to come up with her own product.

The name Moonchild Borneo comes from her love for the moon. She is drawn to it, spent many nights just looking up in the sky, and not forgetting, gazing at the stars too. For some reason, the sight of the moon calms her down and always brings her peace. Hence, Moonchild Borneo is founded in 2019. Through Moonchild Borneo, she hopes everyone can get restful sleep for a better you.

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