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Miracolo, Lemon Essential Oil

Miracolo, Lemon Essential Oil

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  • Lifts mood and improves focus with positivity
  • Helps improve concentration and aids in decision making
  • Helps in boosting immune system and improve circulation
  • Aids in bringing down fever, throat infection, flu, and asthma
  • Relieves headaches and migraines
  • Helpful with rheumatism and arthritis
  • Tones skin, clears acne, and dead skin cells
  • Eases painful cold sores, mouth ulcer, and insect bites
  • Acts as antiseptic
  • Used as cleaning agent
  • Phototoxic essential oil; shouldn’t be used topically before being exposed to the sun

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Botanical Name: Citrus Limon

Origin: Italy

Extraction: Fresh fruit peel by cold-pressed

Scent: Sharp, fresh and slightly sour smell


Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, digestive, diuretic, laxative, sedative, vermifuge

General Use

Lemon essential oil has been used around the house and medicinally. It has a fresh and invigoration scent that stimulates the senses and clears the mind. Lemon essential oil gives a cheerful scent, which is great for busy days when mental focus and positivity are needed. Lemon essential oil helps to tone skin and boost circulation. It also aids in reducing varicose veins and prevents chilblains (small, itchy swellings on the skin that occur as a reaction to cold temperatures). It helps in soothing headaches and migraines as well. It has great antiseptic properties, stimulating defences against bacteria, viruses and killing germs.

Lemon essential oil is superb in aiding detoxification by stimulating the digestive system, helping combat obesity, and loss of appetite


Lemon essential oil can be used for cold, voice loss, flu, depression, stress, lack of energy and fatigue. It relieves irritation and helps improve concentration, lifts the spirits, clears the mind and helps in decision making.

Blended in carrier oil, base cream or in the bath

Lemon essential oil can be used in blended carrier oils or diluted in the bath to assist with digestive problems, lack of energy, fatigue, infections, flu, obesity, overweight, rheumatism, depression, stress and as a general tonic. Lemon essential oil can also be used in cream or lotion to clear congested skin. The astringent properties are great for oily skin conditions. The antiseptic effect of lemon essential oil on the other hand, helps to treat any cuts, boils and minor wounds.

Mouthwash or gargle

Lemon essential oil in a much diluted manner in water can be great to use as a mouth wash or gargle to sort out mouth ulcers. Blends well with Benzoin, Chamomile, Cistus, Elemi, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Frankincense, Geranium, Juniper, Lavender, Neroli, Oakmoss, Rose, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang

Recommended Dosage

Massage: 2 drops to 10 ml carrier oil

Bath: 5 drops in full drawn bath

Ceramic Burner/Aroma Lamp: 4-5 drops in a bowl of water

Essential Oil Diffuser: 5-10 drops in water

Not to be taken orally

Store below 30˚C in dark, cool place, out of direct sunlight

Do not apply directly to skin

Keep out of reach of children


Lemon essential oil is non-toxic, but can cause skin irritation and sensitizing in some individuals. Since it is a phototoxic essential oil, it should not be used (even in low dilution) before being exposed to the sun. It is best to always dilute Lemon essential oil with a base or carrier oil, lotion or water before applying or spraying it to the skin and to refrain from applying it purely on the skin.

Our Essential Oils are 100% pure. However, we do NOT recommend the ingestion of essential oils. They are highly concentrated and have the capacity to cause serious damage if used internally without the necessary expertise required. This is supported by the International Federation of Aromatherapists that does not recommend ingestion of essential oils unless under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical aromatherapy.

Package Content: 1 x 100% Lemon Pure Essential Oil 10 ml

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 2.4 × 2.4 × 6.1 cm

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