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Ahhh. The world of essential oils. Once stepped into the world of essential oils, it’s like Alice falling into the Rabbit Hole. But in the BEST way possible.

Without a doubt, I can say that essential oils changed my life. I was introduced to its amazingness in 2013 and had to try it out. The rest they say are history. I am till today is in awe of the miracle power of essential oils and how they have helped enhance my wellbeing and wellness.

Introduction of essential oils

This can be best explained by a book I read titled ‘Essential Oils and Aromatherapy: An Introductory Guide’, and it reads;

“Long before modern humans developed the ability to make medicines by using chemical synthesis, microbes, hormones, and enzymes, our ancestors turned to the natural world to find ways of treating a wide range of ailments. In earlier times, people took essences from plants and distilled them into oils to soothe pain, quiet coughs, clear congestion, draw infection out of wounds, and promote restful sleep. The results they obtained with essential oils were so good that this knowledge was passed down to generations.”

What are essential oils?

Simply put, they are the essence of the plant, the main component in plants that is grouped by chemical molecules called terpenes.

-Terpenes are organic compounds produced by the plant to create an aroma, a key factor in the plant’s ability to protect itself from parasite.-

Each plant has a unique combination of these terpenes, which makes the scent of individual plants different from others.

Essential oils are delicate oils unlike fixed oils (olive oil, sweet almond oil, etc.), vaporize when heated, which makes it easy to inhale in aromatherapy. Its amazing properties are also a great companion in creating natural skincare and natural remedies, to me, it’s a household and personal beauty must-have!

Each oil provides different uses and benefits, and finding the one that suits your needs is just so heavenly! It works so well and most of all, it is made from natural goodness (which means NO pesky chemicals). One has to spend some time to find essential oils that suit and work for them. Everyone is different, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Lavender essential oil for example is famous for its great properties to reduce stress and help with sleep. However, you might find that person A can sleep well with lavender essential oil as it helps person A to reduce stress, taking the mind off daily works and thus helping the body to relax and sleep.

However, person B with the same stress-related problems that affect sleeping habits might find lavender essential oil to be less effective. Bergamot essential oil might help person B in reducing stress and helping with sleep problems. That is why it is said, in the aromatherapy world, there is a lot of trying involved to find that one essential oil that works for us!

For example, I used to suffer motion sickness in vehicles, and it never occurred to me that it was due to the air fresheners that I was using! So, like any other essential oils lover, I went on Pinterest and tried out a natural air freshener recipe that I found. From then on, I can say that I have not had major motion sickness anymore. What a relief, I guess switching out fragrance to natural scent worked!

How do essential oils work?

Whenever we smell something, the scent would send electrical impulses to the brain’s olfactory (the sense of smell) which is the only one of the five senses that is directly connected to the limbic system, the part of the brain that controls blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. It also controls memory, hormone balance and regulates feeling such as fear, anger, depression, and so on. That is why essential oils are therapeutically beneficial for us.

Now that you know what essential oil is and how it works, maybe it’s time to make the switch to finding natural alternatives for you and your family to enhance wellbeing and wellness.


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