Enya’s Story

Elaine Hong and her partner started Enya in 2019. Prior to this, Elaine was in the fast fashion industry. She was very active in the technical and marketing side of it, especially sustainable fashion. She took a high interest in textiles. When she was working in the industry, she thought the world doesn’t need more clothes, so what can she do that adheres to the needs of people and still get to do what she love?

She were just casually talking in the car with her business partner about dollar shave club, and how the subscription model adjusted so well with the nature of how the product is consumed. They came up with the idea of doing organic cotton sanitary pads and jumped into it. It was really exciting because nobody in Malaysia is doing it that time.

Elaine herself has experienced constant bouts with sensitive skin and irritation, so she decided to opt for safer options. She realised there wasn’t much innovation on pads despite them being used by women every single month. And any available disposable organic pads she found at stores, despite being comfortable, were very expensive. Thus, Enya was born.

They decided on the name Enya also because it sounds soothing. It also means “fire”. They do not just want to sell the product but to also spark conversations on periods like wildfire. Periods are still considered to some as a subject that’s quite personal, it concerns our health in general and they believe that they are ready to have more liberal conversations around it.

 Enya uses cotton that is grown and harvested organically without the help of any chemical or pesticides. Enya emphasizes on hygiene, health and self-care, which starts from the very basic use for women, sanitary pads.

Through Enya, they hope to break the stigma of discussing a taboo topic and also spreading awareness to the opposite gender.

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