I am perplexed.

Stunned because the ignorant me thought that all beauty products for sale on the shelves are safe to be used.

Many years ago, I would naturally pick up beauty products that say ‘Natural’ because, you know, I want to live healthier by making a healthier choice.

I mean, the product can’t just simply label themselves ‘Natural’ if they are not 100% made with natural ingredients, right? Right?

I’m so wrong.

‘Natural’ labeled beauty products might still contain a lot of harmful, synthetic ingredients. Yes, they did add natural ingredients in their beauty products, but those might just be a tiny fraction of it compared to the majority fraction of toxic ingredients.

And shockingly, the word ‘Natural’ is an unregulated term. Manufacturers can market them on their product and you might not find a single natural ingredient in their beauty products.

My recent findings shocked me further.

(had some free time to do some reading of late)

In 2017, 1,500 substances are banned from personal care products in Europe. In the United States, that number is 30. *gasp*

And the United States is seeing the importance of regulating harmful ingredients that they are coming up with The Personal Care Products Safety Act, to protect consumers. Still in progress, but an important step that is.

How about in Malaysia? South East Asia? Asia?

We have tonnes of beauty products from this region but are they clean? Are they safe?

I’m really happy that we start this clean beauty standard at our store when we first began in 2013. We tried every product before putting it up on the shelves and screened through the ingredients. We want to make sure that the product is clean of toxic ingredients and safe to be used by everyone. And the time is now to bring the Clean Beauty Movement to another level in this region.

Stay tuned on what we have for you, as a consumer, to make the informed decision on your beauty products buying.


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